Castle Borghof


Castle Borghof has a rich history.

Who works here?

Castle Borghof with its B&B and private wellness is also home to the architectural firm De Gregorio & Partners.

The buildings

The buildings were thoroughly renovated, retaining the old soul passing through. The outside walls were provided on the inside of an additional wall, so that the patine of the outside walls was not lost. In addition, the outside walls could be perfectly isolated. This made the whole extra durable. For the interior renovation, a lot of recycled materials were used and techniques that fit the old structure.

The park

The park has its roots somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century.
When De Gregorio bought the castle domain, the park was neglected. But you could feel that a real Hesbaye soul slumbered beneath. And De Gregorio wanted to recover that soul at any cost.

The pond

The orchard

The high-rise farmyard is L-shaped around the castle. Immediately after the purchase of the castle grounds we noticed that the old fruit trees were struggling. In every storm we would find one on the ground. Together with the Orchard Foundation we decided to create a new grid between the existing grid, with a new mix of fruit.

In the vicinity

Castle Borghof is located in Piringen, one of the 17 parishes of Tongeren, the oldest town in Belgium.
Piringen is in the direction of St.-Truiden, but on a stone’s throw lies the beautiful town of Borgloon. From the castle you will find within a radius of 20 km St.-Truiden, Bilzen, Hasselt, Maastricht and Liège. And Aachen is just a little further.